As you know, I’m wild about life in the city. Nothing excites me more than the cosmopolitan buzz of an urban evening. I like the lights, the voices, and I even find something strangely calming about the aesthetics of big city traffic. If it were up to me, I probably […]

My Life In The Outer Banks

People nowadays tend to consider loneliness as a disease that has to be avoided by all means. But when you really come to think of it, loneliness is really nothing more than a state of mind-nothing more, nothing less. What I don’t understand with people nowadays is the overanalysis and […]

Loneliness Is Not A Disease, It Is A Choice

Bye in a mitten
In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, people sometimes tend to lose sight of their own consciousness and mortality. People nowadays are too pre-occupied with living in the moment, in keeping up with the Joneses, in daily existence that they tend to lose their humanity and not even realise […]

The Uncertainty of Death Is A Welcome Diversion