The first food saver vacuum sealer is the brain child of Hans Christian in 1984. This was through a corporation called “Tilia Corporation.” The company sold blenders and dehydrators before getting into these sealers. The nozzle type sealer was the first style created. It was snorkel like where the nozzle […]

The Vacuum Sealer – A Brief History

Electric guitars have been the principal element in countless styles of music. From the recent rise of indie pop to classic rock and beyond, electric guitars have become an indispensable component of music groups. Along with the rise of electric guitars, specific brands and models grew in popularity and prestige. […]

4 Famous Electric Guitars

As you know, I’m wild about life in the city. Nothing excites me more than the cosmopolitan buzz of an urban evening. I like the lights, the voices, and I even find something strangely calming about the aesthetics of big city traffic. If it were up to me, I probably […]

My Life In The Outer Banks

People nowadays tend to consider loneliness as a disease that has to be avoided by all means. But when you really come to think of it, loneliness is really nothing more than a state of mind-nothing more, nothing less. What I don’t understand with people nowadays is the overanalysis and […]

Loneliness Is Not A Disease, It Is A Choice

Bye in a mitten
In the hustle and bustle of today’s world, people sometimes tend to lose sight of their own consciousness and mortality. People nowadays are too pre-occupied with living in the moment, in keeping up with the Joneses, in daily existence that they tend to lose their humanity and not even realise […]

The Uncertainty of Death Is A Welcome Diversion