The Vacuum Sealer – A Brief History

The first food saver vacuum sealer is the brain child of Hans Christian in 1984. This was through a corporation called “Tilia Corporation.” The company sold blenders and dehydrators before getting into these sealers. The nozzle type sealer was the first style created.

It was snorkel like where the nozzle extended into the bag. The air was then vacuumed out. These sealers are mainly used to keep food fresh. When food is in open air, it can dry out and spoil faster than in a refrigerator. We use refrigerators to keep our food that is perishable. Vacuum sealers add more protection for the food.

One of the things that we do not want on our food is mold. A sealer helps out in a great was to prevent mold on preserved food. The types of food that a sealer is great for can range from dehydrated fruits, trail mix, and cereal, to some perishable items. Because of bacteria issues, it is not good to seal meat.

You can seal meat and place it in the freezer part of the refrigerator. Vacuum sealers work very well when it comes to produce like peas, strawberries and peppers. There are other ways that a sealer is used. If someone has fine silver or jewelry that can corrode over time, a vacuum sealer can help. Ammunition can also be protected.

Potato chips and saltines can grow stale over a few days if left exposed to the air. The sealer will help keep those items fresh. Emergency items like band-aids and gauze can go bad. The adhesive can become weak from moister and humidity on band aids.

For long-term storage use, make sure the date that the item was sealed, is placed on a label. Items still have a shelf life. There are several different models and brands of vacuum sealers. They come in different sizes and shapes. The Cuisinart VS-100 sealer is ideal for an average size kitchen. This model will run a consumer around $90 dollars.

The FoodSaver 4840 model has a two in one sealing technology. This model is good for sealing steaks and pork chops. This model is also good for wet and dry foods. The price for this sealer will cost around $180. The Nesco VS-02 is a model that has a built-in roll storage compartment with a bag cutter. This sealer is automatic. The price for this one is around $52.

Preserving food will slow down the trips to the grocery store. It will also save a person money over time. Food prices go up every year. More money comes out of our pocket. Even though food was cheap in the 1920s. The creation of the refrigerator saved consumers money back then. Today, the vacuum sealer is the money savior.

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