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A Nightmare on Elm Street comic #2

Things are getting more exciting for Jade… well, us… as we continue to do battle with Freddy. One thing I like about this issue is the little girl– in a perpetual state of coma, yet only dreaming now and again. It makes me wonder why Freddy hasn’t killed her yet. She wanders around the dreams of others, but doesn’t seem effected the same way. Anyway, this was a bloodier issue. If one oversteps the impossible: why did Jade not get sent in for questioning when her friend was attacked, only the two of them in the room. But that’s just logic, right? The comic ends in a sort of hilarious dream sequence of commando dad ready kick butt and take names. Not sure if this is good or bad.

A Nightmare on Elm Street comic #1

This comic is part 1 of the “Freddy’s War” arc. Even though the comic is about Freddy, the bulk of the attention in issue 1 is paid to the surrounding cast of characters. Which is a shame considering most fans want the Freddy personality that they know and love. On the same note, I can see how providing context isn’t necessary because we, as fans, understand most of the history and mythology around Freddy. I suppose there’s a hard line between too much or too little. Suffice to say, issue 1 is a good introduction and I hope that the rest of the arc has more Freddy.